History of our Cluster

Currently in Kalisz six companies producing components for the aerospace industry are operating: Pratt & Whitney Kalisz, WSK "PZL Kalisz", Vac Aero Kalisz, Meyer Tool Poland, Hamilton Sundstrand and Teknequip Kalisz .

These companies employ a total of nearly 2,500 people.

15 May 2009, four of them formed the Association of Entrepreneurs of Aviation Industry "Wielkopolska Aerospace Cluster". The association is a "non-profit organization", bringing together representatives of companies involved in activities to improve the competitiveness of the aviation industry in Poland.

"Wielkopolska Aerospace Cluster" is a young business cluster, still growing year after year. Before the establishment of the cluster, founding companies carried out numerous meetings at which were first presented the needs of each company separately, and later on, common areas for all or several companies, particularly in terms of research needs and human resources. This process took almost two years. On this basis and on the basis of individual interviews initiators of the cluster decided to establish a cluster. At the same time, founding companies representatives conducted negotoations with relevant officials Marshal's Office, as well as with representatives of the city of Kalisz.

We encourage companies, whose profile is associated with the aviation industry to consider membership in our cluster. Candidate should take into account the potential of mutual benefits such as joining forces, increase the probability of success in business, the more successful research through convergent expectations, complement the resources, save costs, as well as brand promotion and many others.


Data publikacji: 2014-12-02 09:02:53 | Omar Saoudi

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